WP Bauträger GmbH

WP Bauträger GmbH

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Developers, Turn-key House Building

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WP Bauträger GmbH




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WP Bauträger GmbH
Konsulstr. 35
028 26

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Dummy target

FLARE dummy targets serve to protect aircraft. FLARE dummy target is designed to create a dummy target. Surface-air missiles fitted with an infrared homing device can be homed automatically to such target. Flare dummy targets have an electric projectile firing system according to STANAG standards.

Ice-hockey puck

GUFEX official playing ice-hockey puck: an ice-hockey puck meeting any standards or parameters for the world championships. The ice-hockey puck weighs 165 g, height 25.5 mm, diameter 76.5 mm. In addition, we produce children ice-hockey pucks, training ice-hockey pucks, mini-pucks in form of key rings.

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